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Birthing Blocks, Issue #105 -- Online Childbirth Education is Here!
November 7, 2007

From the Editor:
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Hello and Welcome!

This issue of Birthing Blocks brings news of exciting developments here at, the launch of Birthright,the online childbirth education course.



* Birthright: Online Childbirth Education
* Where to Next?


Birthright: Online Childbirth Education

Well, the response to the creation of an online childbirth education class in the last issue of Birthing Blocks was unanimous.  Thank you so much for your feedback - it was a blatantly apparent  that work should proceed on the creation of such a program.

I began working on the course just days after the last mailing of Birthing Blocks due to the overwhelming response.  I'm quite proud (and exhausted!) to announce that Birthright, the Online Childbirth Education curriculum, is now available.  

The comprehensive childbirth program consists of 14 lessons as well as a Birthing Workbook and the Language of Childbirth Vocabulary Pack.  I have structured the program to be delivered in 7 weekly installments of two lessons each week.  Each lesson is in pdf format.  The links and passwords are automatically emailed to you each week.  The Birthing Workbook and Language of Childbirth Vocabulary Pack are delivered with the first installment.

Each lesson addresses a specific aspect of birthing.  The complete table of contents is available here.  Individual lessons vary in length as needed.  Lesson 9, Natural Comfort Measures, is the longest at 50 pages.  If you thought drugs were the only way to a comfortable birth, then this lesson is a must.

Although two lessons are sent each week, you are free to print the lessons to work at your own pace.  If you are getting a late start in your pregnancy and don't have 7 weeks in which to finish the course, just drop me an email for an accelerated course option.  It will be very intense to cover all the material in a shorter time frame but can be done if you are willing to put in the time and effort.  

Once you've completed the course, send me an email to let me know your thoughts. Any kudos/complaints are welcome!


Where to Next?

As the inception of Birthright draws to a close, what other new developments interest you here at  This site exists to educate and inform women about childbirth practices and your birthing options.  My desire is to bring you the information you seek.  Are you interested in other specialty childbirth classes, such as high-risk pregnancies or multiple births?  Would you like a wider variety of audio relaxation CDs or relaxation scripts?  Do you need more information on maintaining a healthy pregnancy?  My job is that much easier when I know what you need...

So, let's hear it!  Send me an email to let me know your needs.  I really am listening.


Did you enjoy this issue of Birthing Blocks? Then send it along to a friend! Let me know what else you'd like to see -- this is your ezine! Enjoy the progressively shorter and colder fall days, and take care!

Happy Birthing!

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