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Birthing Blocks, Issue #106 -- More Online Childbirth Class Options
December 28, 2007

From the Editor:
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Happy Holidays!

This issue of Birthing Blocks brings happy holiday greetings, new articles, birth stories, and expanded options for childbirth education here at during this holiday season.



* New Articles
* Birth Stories
* Expanded Childbirth Education Options


New Articles

A new section on interventions, complications, and procedures during pregnancy and childbirth has been added.  All articles offer the current research basis for the topics covered in hopes to eliminate confusion and misinformation on these topics.

New articles include:

The Benefits and Risks of Episiotomy
Avoiding Episiotomy

What is Gestational Diabetes?
Gestational Diabetes Treatment
Treatment for Gestational Diabetes - Does Treatment Improve Outcomes?

Group B Streptococcus - What Does the Research Really Say?

Check back often as new articles will be added as soon as there are more hours in the day;-)


New Birth Diaries

There are some inspiring new arrivals in the Birth Diaries collection.  Be sure to check them out.

Two of the stories bring an interesting perspective on the journey from a medicated to a natural birth.

Sarah's childbirth story of Kate details her empowering journey to natural childbirth from a medicated birth with an epidural with her first.

Beth's birth experience shows the lack of true education that mothers receive about birth even in world-renowned facilities and how when we take control of our education and our births, we can reap the benefits with smoother, easier births.

Jennifer's natural childbirth experience details her peaceful natural birth supported by her husband and mother.

And the last new addition, Rachael's empowering birth story of Julia shows that babies come when babies are ready - and when they're ready, they mean it!


Expanded Options for the Online Birth Classes

Well, the response to the Birthright: Online Childbirth Education classes has been wonderful!  I hope you have learned much from the course and are better prepared to meet your babies as peacefully and gently as possible.  

I've received numerous requests for individualized options, such as longer (for the early birds!) and shorter (you procrastinators!) course durations.  Since I aim to meet as many needs as I can, I've made the course now available in a wider variety of formats.

Now you can choose the best option for you:   a 12 week, 7 week, or whole course at one shot option.

Each option includes the full course curriculum, Birthing Workbook, and Language of Childbirth Vocabulary Pack.  The differences lie in the amount of material covered per week.

In the 12 week option, ten weeks deal with a single lesson and two weeks will cover two lessons.  This option is truly the best in that it lets you absorb a small amount of information at one time so you can fully process and understand it.  

In the 7 week option, 2-3 lessons are covered each week.  This option does require more time and dedication to complete the classes each week, but is still a manageable amount.  

The last option, the whole course at once, is best for those needing a refresher course or with a good understanding of natural childbirth principles.  While this may seem the ideal choice, the course is cumulative in nature and each lesson builds upon knowledge gained in past lessons.  When you have immediate access to the entire course, you'll be tempted to skip around and may miss important information that will leave gaps in your education.

If you have any questions/concerns or need yet a different option, just let me know!  I'll do what I can to accommodate your needs. Once you've completed the course, send me an email to let me know your thoughts. Any kudos/complaints are welcome!


In closing, I'm always open to new suggestions and requests.  So, let's hear it! Send me an email to let me know your needs.  I really am listening.


Did you enjoy this issue of Birthing Blocks? Then send it along to a friend! Let me know what else you'd like to see -- this is your ezine! Enjoy the holiday season and take care!

Happy Birthing!

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