Relaxation Imagery Scripts

Here are a variety of relaxation scripts for use during your pregnancy.  They're great tools for practicing relaxation whenever and wherever you need it.

As always, the more you practice, the easier it will become to summon relaxation at a moment's notice.  I can't stress enough the importance of learning to control and release your bodily and mental tension.

These skills will not only serve you during childbirth, but also during the stresses of daily life.  I always used to practice in the evenings before bed.  It was the best time for me and really helped me log away the cares of my day and help me to rest peacefully throughout the night.  I always woke rested and refreshed, no matter how hard the previous day had been.

You might find that practicing in the morning works best for you.  There's no wrong or right way - just find what works for you and go with it.

You can read them yourself, or as a partner activity with your birth companion (recommended).  If you prefer, check out the Audios section to download the scripts as mp3 files.

Peaceful Waters

Peaceful Waters centers on fostering the connection between you and your baby, allowing you both to work together in harmony and peace.

In Bloom

In Bloom focuses on progressive muscle relaxation involving all your senses.  It uses the imagery of a rose to evoke peace and relaxation.

Golden Light

Golden Light teaches you to send relaxation through all the parts of your body, focusing on those areas where you need it most.  You'll move slowly from one area of the body to another, leaving each one completely tension-free before moving on.