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Birthing Blocks, Issue #107 -- New Blog and Site Updates at

February 8, 2008

From the Editor:
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This issue of Birthing Blocks brings winter blues, a new blog, birth stories, pregnancy portrait ideas and a query for you my dear subscribers here at during this dreary season. (Can you tell I'm not a fan of winter???)



* Check out the New Blog
* Birth Stories
* Pregnancy Portrait Ideas
* New Birth Videos
* Query


Check Out the New Blog

I've just added a new blog to As the birth climate is rapidly changing with more mainstream coverage, I felt this new addition would be the perfect vehicle for staying updated on the latest news and research in the birthing field.

It will contain whatever musings and meanderings cross my mind as they relate to birth.

Comments are welcome so stop on by and spread the word:-)


New Birth Diaries

There are some inspiring new arrivals in the Birth Diaries collection.  Be sure to check them out.

Angela's vaginal birth after cesarean section story details the sad reality that until maternity care practices change, we must take control of our birthings by bringing the evidence to the professionals. Angela is a champion for us all in self-advocating for the VBAC she knew she her body could handle.

Ayesha's story of precipitous labor shows shows how a fast natural birth that is uncomplicated can still have interesting roadblocks, including unprepared caregivers.

And finally, Lisa's natural birth story of Evelyn, her sixth daughter, shows the unique challenges of birthing a posterior baby. Let's just say she finished her birth experiences with a bang!

By the way, my grandmother's name is Evelyn. Also, I'm not sure that I emailed Lisa to thank her for this story, so if not, Lisa, thanks again for sharing!


Pregnancy Portrait Ideas

Well, the pregnancy portrait gallery is booming with new photos.<br><br>There are some particularly inspiring portraits submitted by Jesse and Nicole.  While the nine month wait to meet your child may seem like an eternity at the time, pregnancy is really just a brief experience in the span of your lifetime.  These portrait ideas are an inspirational way to keep those memories crystal clear.

If you haven't taken any photos yet, then check the gallery for some ideas.


New Childbirth Videos

There are two new birth video galleries for you to check out. The first was dedicated to an email I received asking about mutliples, specifically twins, and natural birth. Videos of twin births can be viewed at Gallery 8.

The newest gallery is devoted to the fight against the rising c-section rate in this and other countries. The two videos featured raise excellent points as the c-section rates continue to climb. They can be viewed at Gallery 9.



As continues to expand and receives more visitors every day (currently close to 3,000 per day!), I've been toying with the idea of adding a forum.

I'd like to gauge the interest in adding a birthing forum to the site. I've set up a poll here for you to vote.

If you would also be interested in moderating at said forum, drop me an email to let me know. If I don't respond, I didn't get it, so be sure to check your Spam folder or Junk mail just in case my reply was routed there by mistake.


Did you enjoy this issue of Birthing Blocks? Then send it along to a friend! Let me know what else you'd like to see -- this is your ezine! Enjoy the winter season (if you can) and take care!

Happy Birthing!

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