Ayesha's Precipitous Labor

October 22, 2005

My second birth was looking to be going really well. We all woke up in the morning, and decided to go shopping  in Hatfield. So, we sat out in the morning and spent all day walking. Looking back on the day, I suppose that's what probably brought labour on.

Anyway as the day was unfolding, I was experiencing really strong contractions, but without pain. I just thought I was having Braxton-Hicks and I just had to deal with it.  The thought of this being the real thing did not even enter my mind.  We joked about it over lunch saying how "We bet the baby is coming tonight".

Anyway, the contractions continued and we decided to go to Brentcrosss shopping centre.  I was  still contracting but without pain.  I felt all the pressure and tightening in my stomach, but no pain and no show.  I remember on leaving Brentcross, I had a really big one and said to my husband "I can't walk".   I held his hand and really had to breathe through it.

We went back to the car and went on to mum's house for dinner.   We spent the evening there then went home.  We settled our first child in his cot and then got into bed. So as I layed down, I heard a really loud pop and felt an explosion in my stomach which sort of hurt.

 I stood up and felt tricking.  I knew my waters had broken. We called my parent so that they could come and stay with our eldest son. But then the pain got really, really strong.

I was having multiple peak contractions without any rest in between.  All I had as pain relief was my tens machine which at this point was not doing anything for me as I was already 10 centimeters dilated.

Because I was panicking, my body had tensed up, and I was not listening to my body.  My parents finally did make it.  I was booked to go to Edgware Birthing Centre, but I told my husband we wouldn't make it and I wanted to have an epidural even though the midwife in the birthing center told me I didn't have time for one.

So I went to the local hospital, hardly able to walk.  As  soon as I got to the door, the midwife said to me, "There's a room available at the end of the corridor, go there".   I thought "You cow, I can't walk and I am holding the walls to walk".

Then she saw I couldn't walk and said "Oh, here's a room", and it was just where I was standing. I went in and fell to the floor.  She looked at me and said "I'll be back".

 I waited and waited and she never came.  I had to send my husband out to get her.  When she did come, she said "Right,  get on the table".  I  said "I can't" so she said to me, "Well I am going to have to examine you, on your next contraction get onto the table".   I did and she examined me and said "Oh, you're 10 cen dilated-push".  

I pushed twice and out he came. So, a 20 minute labour with the worst midwife you could imagine.

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