Childbirth Video Galleries

Childbirth Video Galleries. Viewing videos of childbirth helps expectant families understand the real face of birth, not the sensationalized scenes depicted in mainstream media.

Watching videos that depict normal, natural births can be the catalyst to abandoning preconceived ideas about giving birth. It is more powerful to watch a woman giving birth naturally than to read about it.

Natural Childbirth Video

Watch this unassisted natural child birth video that shows a mother catching her own baby while giving birth unassisted while kneeling on her bed, surrounded by her husband and their other children. It can be used as an educational tool for families planning to have a homebirth and have their other children present at the birth.

Online Birth Videos

This video gallery depicts two uncommon events: a woman giving birth on a birth stool as well as a waterbirth with a baby born "en caul" or with its amniotic sac still intact. You can clearly see the baby as it emerges underneath the water.

Child Birth Video Clips

View an 18 year old teen mother as she gives birth naturally in a clear tub within the hospital. In another selection, view a mother giving birth at home in the water as she catches her own baby.

Videos of Vaginal Birth

See a natural hospital waterbirth in a clear tub. You can watch as the baby is born underwater and awaits its first breath out of water. The final video shows a graphic, close-up view of how the perineal tissues stretch as a baby crowns.

Water Birth Videos

Views videos of waterbirth. It also includes an unassisted home waterbirth, wherein the mother gives birth at home with no medical professionals in attendance.

Clip of Childbirth

This gallery contrasts natural chidlbirth in the hospital with giving birth at home. The videos highlight many routine interventions, procedures and practices which have no place in a homebirth as well as the importance of choosing your place of birth wisely.

Child Birth Videos of Homebirth

Watch a variety of natural homebirths. The first selection is graphic and illustrates the important role of staying upright and active during labor. The final selection illustrates the role siblings can play when birthing at home.

Twin Homebirth Videos

This video gallery features women giving birth to twins naturally at home. As cesarean has rapidly become the norm for most multiple births, these videos serve as a salient reminder that vaginal birth, at home or in the hospital, is also a valid choice.

Birth Videos

These birth videos were compiled and produced to protest the overuse of the diagnosis "cephalopelvic disproportion", or a baby that is deemed to big to be born vaginally. All of the women featured in the videos had a primary cesarean section for CPD and then went on to birth their subsequent babies vaginally - and all were larger in size than their firstborn children. Some of the women also had 2 or more past cesareans and some also had vaginal births after cesarean section at home.

Homebirth Video Clip

The final gallery depicts slideshows of natural births. These selections were designed to commemorate the birth experience and for parents to share with their children as they grow.

Pregnancy and Childbirth DVDs

This section represents a selection of commercially available childbirth and pregnancy dvds that can be utilized at home for self education on the process of giving birth.

Please be aware that some of the childbirth video selections are graphic in nature.  Some show the umbilical cord, blood, placenta, and other graphic scenes.   A Graphic warning will appear before each video to ensure sufficient warning before viewing. Some videos of giving birth are waterbirth clips while others are of homebirths and hospital births. A few of the videos also show unassisted birth, in which no doctor or midwife is present.  Either the partner, father, or mother herself will catch the baby.  

FOR BEST VIEWING:  Click the "play" button in the bottom left corner of each movie, rather than the arrow in the middle of the screen.  Then click "pause" to allow the video to fully load.   A red bar will spread across the bottom as it loads. Then click play to watch the video play in its entirety. Internet Explorer users may need to click the "play" button twice for each selection to begin loading.

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