Got Belly Pics? Pregnancy Portrait Ideas ~

Share your pregnancy portrait ideas to help other mothers preserve the magic of their pregnancies, or to brag about your own fabulous photos!

Don't miss out on a golden opportunity to take belly pictures to show your children as they grow or to reminisce about your pregnancies. Pregnancy is not a time in your life you can recapture.  You'll never have the chance to take maternity portraits again.

  • 38 Weeks

    by Maggie
    (South Lake Tahoe, CA)

    38 Weeks Pregnant

    • A black backdrop is always a good idea for a classic pregnant belly silhouette
  • Nude
Pregnancy Profile

    by Michael

    Nude Pregnancy Profile

    • Just three days before the birth of her daughter... a 24 year old's pregnancy in profile
  • Artistic Pregnancy Picture

    Artistic Pregnancy Picture

    by Maggie McGee
    (South Lake Tahoe, CA)

    • Experiment with different body positions. This is one of my faves - it's very artsy, I think.
  • Pregnancy Picture with Draping

    by Maggie
    (South Lake Tahoe, CA)

    Pregnancy Picture with Draping

    • Draping something sheer over your belly is always flattering with pregnant pictures.
  • Loving My Pregnant Belly

    by CJ
    (Daegu, South Korea)

    Loving My Pregnant Belly

    • Nobody knows how many times you will experience pregnancy, so I say, love your pregnant body.
  • Crest of Light

    Crest of Light

    by Nicole D.
    (Nashville, TN)

    • Put a bright pinpoint of light behind her belly & turn off other lights. Using low or no flash, take the picture
  • Pregnancy

    by Sherrilyn Easter
    (Toronto, Canada)

    Pregnancy Picture

    • This pregnancy picture wearing gauzy material was shot near a window in my ninth month.
  • 10 Months of

    19 wks now!

    10 Months of Joy

    • I'm shooting a portrait in the same pose every week to create a collage of the months lined up
  • Baby Lily

    Baby Lily

    by Bonita
    (South Africa)

    • Hold your baby's birth month flower across your arm while lying on your side
  • Pregnant Belly with Gauze

    by Jenny
    (Sacramento, CA)

    Pregnant Belly with Gauze

    • We hung a sheet in the garage for our first pregnancy shot. We used a fan to get the gauze to “blow”
  • Pregnancy
Oil Painting

    by Tausha

    Pregnancy Oil Painting

    • Take a pregnant picture of yourself and edit it to make it look like an oil painting
  • Nude Pregnancy Portrait

    Nude Pregnancy Portrait

    by Ashley Caraballo
    (Houston Texas)

    • I lay slightly on my side cupping my breast with my hands and used the timer to capture the picture
  • Pregnancy
Shadow Effect

    by Katie

    Pregnancy Shadow Effect

    • Find a white or blank wall and place a lamp behind you. Set your camera on low speed with the flash off
  • ShadowBelly

    by Mandy

    Shadow Belly

    • Stand in front of a bare wall with light behind you. Set the camera on a slower speed and hold very still!

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Pregnancy Portrait maternity pregnancy portrait

What are Your Pregnancy Portrait Ideas?

Pregnancy truly is an amazing time. Feeling that little life kick inside you is *priceless*. What's your best pregnancy portrait idea to preserve the memory of this special time in your life?

Other Visitors' Pregnancy Portrait Ideas

Click on the links below to see the pregnancy portrait ideas of other mothers.

Heart of Love 
A classic heart of love always makes a sweet maternity picture.

Waiting for My Love 
Sunrise light. No flash. Simple background but pretty lace. Camera on timer.

Mommy and Her Babies 
I wanted something with both my babies and just love this idea.

Big Sister Kisses the Baby 
Take a picture of the big sister or brother-to-be kissing your belly.

Loving It Up 
My daughter and I just finished having a bath loving all over my belly and love continued after our bath and my husband happened to capture the moment! …

Pure Love 
This was taken by my dear friend Elisabeth Wiggins. I thought she did such a fantastic job I had to post this.

Our Bundle Of Joy 
This couple was taken under low light, lower umbrella light to height of mothers belly & let the bundle of joy be the "star". If using low light & no flash …

I Heart You 
Love the heart on the belly idea. Having both mommy and daddy do it while they look down at baby is so sweet.

A serious face gives a picture a whole new, deeper look.

Using the sun as a background light creates a great silhouette! Love this one!

Mama Mia's Maternity Book 
Instead of doing the typical weekly pictures of the belly growth or doing maternity pictures, I decided to document everything that goes along with being …

Pregnancy Oil Painting 
Take a pregnant picture of yourself and edit it to make it look like an oil painting.

A Brother Loves His Sister 
My son has loved his lil sister so much since the second he heard she was gonna be joining the family. He is always touching my belly so why not make a …

My Growing Love 
Used black back drop, placed white tulle around her, in downward angle, have model look down and toward shoulder as she holds her baby and as she thinks …

Pretty in pink 
My husband had the idea after we took a picture of the sneakers on my belly. In that picture the photographer did a close up of just my belly and edited …

Watch Us Grow 
My Mother-in-law gave me the idea to take pictures as I grew as she was a 3 hour flight away from us. Get your partner to take your picture and while you …

Baby Lily 
I thought this was something a bit different!

Sit sideways, on your legs....and have the Baby's Father behind you with both your hands on the Belly! Edit as needed....

Loving My Pregnant Belly 
While some women think that their growing tummy must be hidden during the entire pregnancy, well in my it. Nobody knows how many times …

First Mother's Day 
Back yard, beautiful weather, can't wait to meet my little girl!

Black and White Belly Silhouette 
This is a self portrait done in the nude but without revealing anything.

The Gift of Love 
The gift of love... ...will arrive in its own time.

Blooming Belly 
We lit the room up by candles. I laid on the bed wrapped in some extra shimmering material (it was really enhanced with the candle light!) A tripod …

Nude Pregnancy Portrait 
I laid on my back but a little on my side cupping my breast with my hands and used the timer on my camera to capture the picture then switched it to black …

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Belly With Cute Hands 
I shot this picture for a woman with three children and one on the way! All of the children placed their hands on their mom's belly and then the little …

Nude Pregnancy Profile 
Just Three More Days... A 24 year-old's first pregnancy in profile.

Artistic Pregnancy Picture 
I love this photo, this is probably my fave! It's very artsy I think.....

38 Weeks Pregnant 
A black back drop is always a good idea!

Pregnancy Shadow Effect 
I created the pregnancy shadow effect using nothing but a regular digital camera set on low speed and flash off. Find a white or blank wall and place …

Pregnant Belly with Gauze 
We hung a sheet in the garage for our first pregnancy shot. We used a fan to get the gauze to "blow". We took everything in color and then edited to …

Reflections on Pregnancy 
Reflections on pregnancy - Looking back, and to the future of Motherhood.

Enjoying Pregnancy 
Enjoying pregnancy

In Silent Prayer 
Prayer and Meditation are such an important part of my pregnancy and who I am. I often find myself by the window and decided one day to capture the moment. …

Building a Baby 
My friend, Kristy came over one beautiful day and took some lovely portraits for me and my husband.

Team Taylor 
Our family.

Nude Pregnancy Picture 
A Nude Pregnancy Picture at 34 weeks. We took a few, but this is one of my favorites!

Pregalicious Mama 
Pregalicious Mama... Bikini ... timer on camera ... and shades ... wanted to feel pretty

Brotherly Love 
My son and his lil took a few times to take the pic then look at the screen to see if I caught the right shot....

Pregnancy Picture with Draping 
Draping something sheer over your belly is always flattering with pregnant pictures.

Cherished Blessing 
Cherished Blessing: Candlelight, looking up, touching belly

Body by Baby 
Use candlelight to illuminate your belly from the side.

I stood in front of a blank wall and had the light from our lamp behind me. I set up the camera and took some photos on the timer. I then used a free …

Favorite Pregnancy Photo 
I love this pregnancy photo - I hate having my photo taken but this one is great!

Got Belly? 
Something cute and fun to do.

Belly Silhouette 
A belly silhouette or sore back shot, hehe.

My Two Loves 
My husband was behind the camera, hence the loving gaze. I held a black blanket on the other side of my belly so that the curve would not be lost in the …

Dreaming of Baby 
We used a down comforter with pillows underneath. Looking at the baby always gives a wonderful connection.

Laying Hands 
He touches my tummy adoringly.

first family portrait 
Our first family portrait is mom and dad posing (nude) together awaiting the arrival!

Crest of Light 
With mom in a semi-reclined position, put a bright pin-point of light (flashlight, pen light, or, as I used, a spot light) behind her stomach and turn …

Daddy's Turn  
With the mother and father holding hands at the mother's hips, have a close up taken of dad kissing the unborn baby. I like the way our picture is just …

Pregnancy Picture 
This pregnancy picture was taken by a window wearing a gauzy material out of modesty. It was photographed in my ninth month.

My Baby 
Sit with your legs criss-crossed and hold and look at your belly.

My Heart 
Make a heart with your hands and put it over your belly!

Kiss the Baby 
Have someone kiss your baby. It's fun and cute.

Family & Friends 
This is me, my daughter and my younger cousin.. It's great to include the whole family not just mom, dad siblings.. but everyone...

Scarlet and Radiant 
I had wanted a picture that captured all of the light and bright life that I felt bursting from me during my pregnancy. My husband took this one by draping …

Sister's Bellies 
Take photos with your pregnant friends and or siblings!

Maternity Pregnancy Portrait 
For this maternity pregnancy portrait idea, wear a shirt that ends above your belly and a skirt or pants that have a low rise below the belly - no over-the-belly …

Family Heritage 
My son is half Mexican, and I'm white. So, I had the photo done in black and white and made his hand his natural skin color.

38 weeks laying down 
We experimented with many ideas. Not being professional we did our best! I loved laying down together..Jesse

Pregnancy Photographs 
I put together progressive pregnancy photographs of the growth of my belly since my family is on the other side of the country and are missing out on the …

Pregnancy Portrait Outdoors 
This pregnancy portrait was taken outdoors. I love that it captures the moment between a husband and wife. It's a great alternative to a posed portrait, …

Just Waiting 
I wanted to capture the feeling that my friend was having when I asked her how she was doing. Her response was, "Just waiting." So, asked her if she …

Baby Hickman 
We are expecting our first on January 31, 2008. These pictures were taken on December 22, 2007 by Zack Robinson.

Pregnancy Belly Pictures 
These pregnancy belly pictures are a classic way to capture your pregnancy. Have your husband stand behind you and clasp his hands with yours under your …

Daddy In Love 
This father-to-be can't wait for the arrival of his princess.

My Empress 
I took as many pictures and as much video tape as I could with all of our pregnancies. To this day my oldest son is jealous because he doesn't have a …

Sitting Together 
Sit with your significant other and you will always have the moment to treasure.

Ultrasound Not rated yet
Back drop is a sheer curtain panel over a sunlit window, flash bounced off the ceiling for fill.

Daddy's Hands Not rated yet
Using the father's hands, make a heart over the's sweet and you can include the father to be =)

10 Months of Joy Not rated yet
I'm shooting a simple picture in the same pose every week and will put together a collage of the months lined up... i don't show my face as i hate my picture …

Don't Forget Daddy Not rated yet
My husband is just as excited as I am for our little girl to get here. I love how this picture shows him holding me and her at the same time.

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Glowing Baby Belly Not rated yet
Keep the flash on in semi-dark room and put the focus right on the Belly!

Dreaming of Baby Not rated yet
Dreaming of Baby ~ Again candlelight illuminates your pregnant belly

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