Loving My Pregnant Belly

by CJ
(Daegu, South Korea)

My Belly at 29 Weeks..It's a Boy!

My Belly at 29 Weeks..It's a Boy!

While some women think that their growing tummy must be hidden during the entire pregnancy, well in my opinion...show it.

Nobody knows how many times you will experience being pregnant, so I say, love your pregnant body.

It's not a time in a woman's life to be ashamed even if you're unmarried, a teenage mom, a woman who's pregnant in your 40s or even if this is your menopausal baby, no one should be ashamed of their pregnant body.

This is life growing inside us and it is a great opportunity entrusted to us by God, to be a mother.

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by: James Corney

It is always a nice and caring feeling to see a pregnant lady. Recently I saw a lady taking up the elevator and she was carrying too, as soon as she reached the door a lot of people mostly men came to help her out. That happens cause of that cute belly and the one inside it.

No shame in pregnancy allowed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by: Todd

For all of you who frown upon pregnant women who want to or perhaps already have had themselves photographed in the nude,PLEASE STOP NOW!!!!! There are so many pregnant women who feel fat and ugly while carrying their children.This is truly SAD to me because they shouldn't feel the way they do.Pregnancy should be a wonderful and glorious and beautiful and special time in a woman's life!!!!! The pregnant form is nothing to be embarrassed about or ashamed of,for it's God's most HEAVENLY creation here on earth!!!!!
A commenter above said that at 30 weeks she wanted to be photographed and that she hoped her bellybutton would have come out by then.Hearing her say that made me feel really good.Alot of pregnant women absolutely HATE it when their button makes such an appearance,so it's nice to know that some moms-to-be actually welcome them.I suppose I'll never know if yours came out or not,but for you I hope it came waaaaaaay out so much that it could be called a highly conspicuous positively pouting protrusion!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love my belly
by: Susie

I have been pregnant five times and I just love my belly. With each pregnancy I show sooner and it seems my belly is bigger at nine months. The feeling is so wonderful and my husband and I embrace my pregnancy. I love wearing revealing maternity clothes. My breasts get bigger. I wish I could be pregnant always and forever.

to any women that read this
by: Sam Small

Women never and I mean never should you be ashamed of your stomachs during pregnancy for in the times you are that size you could never be more beautiful because you are carrying inside you the only thing in this world that can be described as a miracle a child that came from essentially nothing and becomes life nothing in the world from now until the end of Time will ever be as beautiful as pregnancy and having a baby not only are you beautiful when you are carrying the baby but also when you have the baby the undescribable feeling that washes over you when you hold your child for the first time and that feeling will stay with you the rest of your lives I know it very well because when my wife had our daughter and I held my baby girl in my arms for the first time I was tears even though I'm a full grown tough man this little miracle hit me harder than anything physical could produce because nothing can protect or prepare anyone man or woman from the emotions you get in that moment

Love the picture!!
by: Natalia

Dear CJ.
i am currently in Daegu S. Korea and I am 27 weeks pregnant. I was thinking about taking nude and pregnant photo session in about 4-5 weeks or so. Love love love this picture of you!! Would you please recommend the photographer or the place it was taken at?!

Commenter should be ashamed of yourself!
by: Anonymous

What an idiot God didn't give us clothes!...Man made them! We were born naked. God made Adam & Eve naked!

by: Anonymous

I'm waiting until I'm 30 weeks to do a photo like this! I'm 27 weeks now. I'm hoping my bellybutton will be out by then! Such a beautiful picture !

For the Record
by: Anonymous

For the record, God made us naked. In the beginning of time, we walked the earth unclothed and because of our sins we became ashamed of our own bodies. So, for the person who doesn't understand how someone can say something about God and being naked in the same sentence, that's how. Not to mention, God made us perfect! Her body, your body and every other body is, indeed, perfect.

Youu Look Beautiful
by: Lizette(:

I Personally Want To Take A Picture Like This.
I Think You Look Beautiful Regardless What Anybody Says.

And To The People Who Don't Like It And Have Something To Say, Who Are You To Judge? As Long As She Ain't Hurting You, I Say Keep The Comments To Yourself.

to the ignorance
by: jennifer

To the people who left those ignorant comments about how it's wrong to post a picture like this.. first of all, she isn't showing anything because her parts are covered. Second, I'm sure God isn't judging her based on her pride towards her belly and if you want to talk about what the Bible does say, then you should read about how we shouldn't JUDGE.

Or maybe you shouldn't be online AT ALL if you have such a problem with seeing things like this. It's in a tasteful way; it's not trashy or disrespectful in any way. There's one thing to have an opinion, but to say a statement like "I'm embarrased for you" is just pathetic and plain rude.

This is a beautiful picture sweetie. I'm 5.5 months along and when I get to my 8th month I hope I get a great idea for my belly, which I am extremely proud to show off as well.

Good luck and god bless, even to those who posted the nasty remarks.. :)

I Love Mine, Too
by: Pretty, Pregnant Maria

Dear CJ,
Your eloquent descriptions of your feelings about the spectacular changes your body goes through touched me. I love my belly, too. Of course I love the anticipation of the future, but what I really love is my pregnant body. From the first little surprise of a lump in my belly, barely noticeable, then the growing... I can almost feel it a little bigger every day. Finally it blossoms into a huge deliciousness that truly interrupts my daily life. But I love it even more.
Thank You

Can't understand being proud of pregnant belly
by: Anonymous

I'm ashamed of my pregnant belly. I genuinely think is ugly and it has to be disgusting for other people to look at it. I don?t go out at the moment because I don?t want anyone to look at it. I could hide it quite well for about 7 months but now it became really visible so I prefer to keep it for myself and my husband.
I never liked looking at pregnant women and now I do not like looking at myself.

keep it for your husband please.
by: Anonymous

It's artistic, but isn't it a little much? I would be ashamed to mention God in a post with me naked. God made perfect bodies way back, but he also gave them clothes for a reason. The bed is undefiled and holy the Bible says, but the internet is not. Please, spare my eyes, I'm embarrassed for you.

by: Anonymous

Did you edit this photo?

The shadows are amazing. This is a very nice photo.

by: Anonymous

This is a beautiful picture & so modern. I wish my fiance would let me take photos like this. I have a beautiful pregnant belly & I love showing it off as well.

I agree...
by: Chelsea

I totally agree. Beautiful picture, and thank you for posting. Being pregnant is just a wonderful experience, and I definitely agree--who knows how many times you'll be pregnant, or if you'll have the opportunity to be pregnant again: capturing the pregnancy in pictures is a wonderful way to remember it, and celebrate motherhood and our bodies!

by: Anonymous


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