Nude Pregnancy Profile

by Michael

Three days before delivery of her daughter.

Three days before delivery of her daughter.

Just Three More Days...

A 24 year-old's first pregnancy in profile.

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The pregnant body in all of its splendor and glory!!!
by: Anonymous

How could anyone not find a pregnant body beautiful in all of its splendor and glory?!!!!! To me there's nothing on the face of the earth that's more appealing and pleasing to look at than a mom-to-be in her birthday suit. I realize that a lot of men don't share my opinion and that's okay because it's their loss, not mine. My wish is for each and every woman with child to feel beautiful and special and wanted and loved. I can sum up the way I feel about pregnancy with the following statement: THE JOYS, PLEASURES AND SENSUAL DELIGHTS SO DEEPLY FELT WHILE GAZING UPON THE NAKED PREGNANT FORM TOUCH THE INNERMOST RECESSES OF ONE'S SOUL AND CAN NEVER BE RIVALED BY ANY OTHER THING THE EYE CAN SEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

by: Anonymous

Pregnant women are so very, very lucky. I can't carry children (no womb, cervix, fallopian tubes). It breaks my heart but I love these pictures x

Very Nice
by: Anonymous

I agree! Pregnant women can be very sexy, and this is a great example.

by: Anonymous

Who says pregnancy can't be sexy? Very nice!

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