Scarlet and Radiant

by Nicole D
(Nashville, TN)

I had wanted a picture that captured all of the light and bright life that I felt bursting from me during my pregnancy. My husband took this one by draping a sheet behind me and another around m waist, with a coordinating bright bra. Lighting was done with camera flash off and spot lighting at 1/2. We also used an industrial fan for air currents.

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Hooray for outies!!!!!
by: Anonymous

While some or should I say most people may find my comment title a bit weird,I have a perfectly good explanation for it.As you can see,this beautiful mom-to-be's bellybutton has found its way out of her big round pregnant belly.I know that many pregnant women absolutely HATE it when their bellybuttons emerge from their bellies because they feel like it renders an otherwise beautiful and appealing belly grossly unappealing.Well,I'm here to tell all of you ladies who feel this way that it's simply NOT true!!!I for one ABSOLUTELY LOVE to look at pregnant bellies that come complete with highly conspicuous outie bellybuttons!!!So for all of you expecting moms out there whose buttons have popped,don't be embarrassed or ashamed or self-conscious about it,just think HOORAY FOR OUTIES!!!!!!!!

Scarlet and Radiant
by: Bianca Leigh

This is just too pretty for words! Your skin looks heavenly soft and the sheet colour makes you glow. Lovely.

Sexy but modest...
by: Anonymous

I love this b/c it shows the sexiness of a pregnant woman, but you don't have to hide this one (like the nude shots - which I absolutely love too!)

Very beautiful!

by: Anonymous

Your stomach is beautiful!

A Pregnancy Celebration!
by: Anonymous

I love this photo because it celebrates pregnancy. Pregnant women no longer need hide their bellies under hideous muu muu but can instead relish in the changes that take place to bring a child into the world.

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