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Welcome Affiliates~

Here you will find various banners to place on your website(s), blog or in mailings to your email subscriber list.  You'll also find helpful tips 'n techniques for increasing your conversion rates and commissions.  

Special Promotions for seasonal events, holidays, and high-performing affiliates will also be posted here, so be sure to check back periodically for updates.



If you would like custom graphics or alternate sizes, contact us via your affiliate account to submit your request(s).

To use any of the available graphics, simply right click (or control + click on a Mac) and save your desired image(s) to your computer.  Then, upload the graphics to your website or blog, and link them to our site using the code provided in your affiliate account.

Childbirth AffiliatePregnancy Affiliate
Childbirth AffiliatePregnancy Affiliate
Pregnancy AffiliatePregnancy Affiliate
Childbirth AffiliatePregnancy Affiliate



There are a number of simple techniques you can employ to increase your conversion rates.  Some of our recommended strategies are listed below:

  • Use Text Links vs. Graphic/Banner Links
  • While graphic and banner links are easy to implement, they typically have the lowest visitor conversion rate.  
  • Instead, use in-content text links related to the content on your page to maximize visitor conversions.

  • Write a Product Review
  • Potential customers like to see what others have said about a product before they purchase.
  • Consider writing a product review format to outline the benefits of online childbirth education and its advantages to your visitors.

  • Pay Special Attention to Link Placement
  • Internet users scan content before deciding to read an article.  
  • You typically have 10 seconds or less to grab your visitor's attention before they click the Back button on their browser.  
  • Place links above the fold (top of the page before you need to scroll down) and in areas where your visitors are more likely to see them, such as in the top left hand corner of your pages or articles.
  • Include an additional link at the conclusion of your pages/articles to give your visitor another opportunity to click your link.

  • Interview the Author
  • Conduct an email interviews with the author to answer your visitor's questions and heighten their interest.  
  • Submit your interview questions via the merchant contact form located in your affiliate account.  
  • When writing your interview questions, try to put yourself in your visitor's shoes to discover what benefit these classes will have for her or her family.  
  • Review our list of FAQs for inspiration.



No Special Promotions are currently available.  Check back soon for our next special.


If at any time you have questions or require assistance, please contact us via the Merchant form in your affiliate account.

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