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This circumcision video is graphic in nature.  The baby is screaming as no anesthesia is used, which is standard practice.  The doctor is in no rush to complete the procedure as the infant writhes in pain.

If you find this video disturbing, imagine how the baby feels.

One of the biggest perpetuators of circumsion is the myth that it is keeps boys cleaner or that "everyone's doing it". Due to years of misinformation, this is the widely-held American perspective.  However, circumcision is not a worldwide practice. 82% of men worldwide are intact.  Circumcision rates are declining as more and more people have access to the evidence that circumsion is not a medical procedure, but is plastic surgery on a penis.

This video details the insidious nature of circumcision as a routine American procedure:

The decision to circumcise must be made with the utmost consideration for immediate and future implications.  As more parents have access to informed consent and evidence-based practice, they are making the decision to forego cosmetic circumcision.

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