Lisa's Home Birth Story of Madelyn

Madelyn is our 4th daughter.  She was another home birth, born in my bed, surrounded by all of her older sisters and Daddy, of course, and my mother.

Madelyn was 8 days late and born from a very unhealthy pregnancy.  I wasn't eating enough, wasn't eating very nutritious foods, never got enough exercise and sleep, and up until 2 days before she was born I had been working 50-70 hours a week as a waitress.

Being "late" drove me mentally insane.  I wanted her out.  I woke up the day she was born, wondering if today would be the day.  When contractions began (ever so slowly) I did everything I could think of to sped them up.  I wasn't determined to see my beautiful baby.  I was determined to end this gigantic, uncomfortable pregnancy that should have ended over a week ago.

Labor was so very hard and painful.  I leaned into my husband's lap, tense and crying for hours.  The bath wasn't comfortable, standing wasn't comfortable, sitting wasn't comfortable.  Transition seemed to last for 4 hours.

Finally, contractions changed. They were coming every 5-10 minutes and I was able to rest a bit before moving from the bathroom to the bedroom and calling in all of the kids.  I felt better, so much better and stronger. I didn't rest between contractions, I busied myself with the business of covering the bed with CHUX, explaining to my other kids about birth and making sure everyone else was ready.

When everyone else was ready, I sat on the bed and with the next contraction, I pushed with all of my might.  Nothing happened. I didn't push because I was feeling an instinct to push, I pushed because everyone was ready for the baby to be born (especially me).

As each contraction came for the next hour, I pushed with all of my strength.  I strained every muscle in my legs and crotch pushing for no reason. Finally, after over an hour of fruitless pushing, my water broke- exploded everywhere, and she slid out without the slightest bit of my effort. All that pointless pushing gave me the only hemorrhoids I have ever had in my life.  Recovery was the most painful thing, I was bedridden with muscle pain everywhere.

Madelyn, at this writing, is 4 and the absolute sweetest, slowest-moving child ever.  She flits along, smelling the roses, enjoying each moment, and is never in a hurry for anything except food. 

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