Dana's Natural Birth Story

A drug-free birth is possible!  After three birth experiences with epidural pain relief, I longed for a different experience.  My fourth labor and delivery was completely drug-free and it was fantastic!

Beautiful Sophia was born after seven hours of contractions and twenty minutes of pushing.  I prepared myself by researching websites that pertained to natural birthing and stories to help prepare for the work ahead.  The biggest lesson learned was that I had the confidence in myself to get the job done!

I worked through the early contractions while walking and swaying my hips during the contraction.  The best visualization technique used was "riding a wave" throughout the contraction.  Later I rocked in a rocking chair since I was  hooked to monitors for a bit.  I used the gentle rocking motion and humming (vocalizing) during each contraction, still riding the wave. 

After I was able to unhook the monitors I found the best relief in sitting on the toilet and rocking back and forth.  Opening the pelvis in this position really assisted in moving the baby down.  Once the pushing urge set in, I asked the nurse to check me and learned that I was six centimeters. 

At that point, I again allowed gravity to assist by putting the head of the bed straight up and knelt while leaning over the head of the bed.  The pushing urge was strong after just a few contractions in this position.  I moved into a semi-sitting position and worked with each contraction to push my darling into this world!  It was a lovely, empowering experience.

As a side note, my husband was present throughout the delivery but was not educated and even a bit suspicious about my intent on a drug-free delivery, so fortunately I prepared myself for such and relied on my own strength to labor independently.

I would encourage each of you seeking a drug-free experience to believe in yourself and your innate ability to naturally birth!!  It is worth the effort!

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