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These natural childbirth stories were submitted by Paula.  This birth took place in March of 2005.

Giving birth to my first child in a sense took a long time. She almost entered the world already in week 25. Very scary! After two weeks in hospital the contractions were under control and I could spend the next 2.5 months in bed at home instead.

Then in week 37 it happened for real. I had had a bit more painful contractions on and off for a few days when it started being very regular, but less painful one Sunday morning. As it was no longer too early to give birth I went up instead of to bed with medication.

The contractions disappeared again, but with the help of nipple stimulation I managed to make them come back. I didn't want to wait anymore!

Early in the evening I went to bed for some rest, reading a book about giving birth. The very moment I read about what happened when the water broke, it actually happened. I ran out to the bathroom, shaking with excitement and fear - this was it!

I called the hospital and was told to go there within 8 hours. 8 hours! My contractions had started to become really painful and regular, every 3-4 minutes.

We decided to go to the hospital immediately. My husband wanted to stop at McDonalds to get dinner, but I refused. I could almost not sit.

At the hospital we were welcomed, but had to wait in the hallway. Since this was the first time I was going to give birth, the nurses were in no hurry.

When we finally got a room (probably 5 minutes later, but it felt like forever), I had contractions every 2 minutes. A wonderful nurse helped me with my breathing. When they examined me I was dilated 6 centimeters. 40 minutes later I felt that I couldn't cope anymore - it was so painful! I was just about to ask for pain relief when I felt the contractions changing. I was fully dilated and in active labor. Standing on my knees, leaning on the bed I started to push. A nurse was standing together with my husband all the time, helping out with the breathing and giving both of us all sorts of compliments. She was wonderful.

After a while I couldn't relax in that position anymore, so I was asked to lay down on my side instead. That worked great and a few minutes later our wonderful baby girl was born.

I had practiced breathing a lot during my 2.5 months in bed. That helped me relax and focus during the contraction. I was never scared despite the immense pain. Also, I needed no stitches. It was a good first time birth!

Thanks for sharing your natural childbirth stories, Paula!

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