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"I can't believe 4 1/2 months have gone by since we had our little girl at home. It seems like just yesterday and yet she is already rolling over, smiling, and giggling away. I had to write and tell you how instrumental your 7 week course was in making sure our home birth was a success. I began your course an unsure, slightly scared, and hospital bound woman. Seven weeks later, with the ongoing support of an incredible midwife, I knew I was going to feel comfortable trying to have our baby at home. It couldnt' have been more perfect. I never once had any feelings of anxiety or hesitation. I kept reminding myself that I was prepared and that this was a safe option for myself and my baby. Mari was born in late December 2010 and has brought so much joy into our lives. Thank you for creating this site and for all of the wonderful information that you have provided. I have passed on your web address to my midwives and have no doubt that they will be passing it on to the women in their care.

Thank you again,
~Leanne Mueller, Canada

Online Childbirth Classes

"Sorry it took me so long to email -  My 4 year old has been sick with a fever & vomiting so between him & the baby it has been a little crazy.  I can honestly say the birth was a lot easier than this week!  So here is how Thursday went:

I had a doctor appointment at 10:00, & I was still 3cm & 80%, but at zero station instead of -2.

I went to my mother's afterward to pick up my son & had lunch.  I had maybe 3 contractions on the way home but thought they might be more fake ones.  I was home by 12:30.

I called my husband at work at 1:00 just to tell him that I might be having contractions & that he might have to leave work early, but that there was nothing really "serious" going on.

At 1:50 I got in the tub because I remembered reading that being in water for early labor could slow things down & things were starting to pick up quickly.  I called my husband again to tell him to please leave work.  He got home in about 20 minutes, & started to pack things up.  Carter got picked up at the house by my sister-in-law at 3:00.  That was when I started to feel uncomfortable, but I could still handle it.  We didn't have time to sit & time the contractions, but I knew things were progressing because I couldn't stand during them.

At 3:25 I said "We have to leave right NOW."  I was starting to feel like I was going to throw up.  I didn't throw up but had the worst car ride ever.  I just laid in the back seat saying I couldn't do it & I was going to split in half & other stuff.  I would I had about a minute in between contractions.

We were logged into the hospital triage at 3:45.  They were asking me to sign papers & had questions & I was like "I CAN'T talk right now".  When they checked me they were surprised to see I was 9cm & 100%.  They ran the bed down the hall & logged us into labor & delivery at 3:50.  A few minutes later I told them I had  to push & my doctor finally got there.  I didn;t have one of those "breathe the baby down" pushing experiences.  I was like "GET OUT NOW!"  At 4:02 my water was broken (it never broke on its own).  I really didn't care either way at that point-  I knew it wouldn't make any difference. 

The baby was born at 4:09.  The cord was left unclamped for maybe 5 minutes or more.  I couldn't tell.  She was laying on my chest still attached but I was too exhausted to even open my eyes.  I couldn't believe I had a baby that quickly.  She was 7lbs 10ozs & 20 inches.  I hadn't even had time to get an IV or anything.  The nurses couldn't believe it.  I did have a shot of pitocin in the arm about 10 minutes after she was born to help with bleeding, which was fine with me.

I really think your book & information helped me alot.  I felt confident about what was going to happen & not scared.  It did hurt alot there at the end, but the fact that I was able to do the whole thing without any drugs or epidural made me confident that I had done everything I could to give her the best start.  I would recommend your program to anyone that wants to have a baby naturally.  I don't know if I would have had the confidence to do it otherwise."


Online Birth Classes

"I just wanted to say thank you for the information on this website! I was unable to attend any kind of birthing classes while I was pregnant with my first child, but I really wanted to experience a natural birth. Thanks to the information posted on this site, I delivered my son completely medicine and intervention-free six months ago. I labored comfortably at home for 39 hours before going to the hospital where I delivered him only 3 hours after arriving. The information I gleaned from this site gave me confidence that I could meet my goal of a natural child-birth and it gave me faith that my body would move me through the birthing process the way God created it to. Giving birth naturally was an exilerating experience! I actually wanted to do it again almost immediately! I felt empowered and amazed at what I had accomplished. I found that for me, the labor and delivery pain was very tolerable and I was even joking with the doctor and my family while I deliver ed my son! I will highly recommend this website to my pregnant friends and family! Everyone woman deserves to know the amazing feeling of natural childbirth!

Thank you again,

Online Childbirth Classes

"I am so excited that I came across your website!  I am 5 months pregnant with our first child and I am doing all in my power to have a natural, unmedicated birth.

I found the "Newborn Procedures" lesson to be particularly informative and useful.  I am so glad you put that information out there.  It's scary what they do to babies these days!  Also, I wanted to say that your website looks very professional and I cannot find another that even compares."

Thank You,

Online Childbirth Classes

"Thank you for your wonderful program.  It's a shame that so many women view birth as an oppressive feature of their womanhood instead of a beautiful gift."

~Cristi D.

Online Birth Classes

"I admire what you've done with this JEWEL of a website and online educational ministry."

Take Care,

Online Childbirth Classes

"Thank you very much for the course.  I've already begun looking at the material and am very happy with it."


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